About Bat-Bike

A New Breed of Electric Bicycles has Landed!

Bat-Bike electric bicycles are electric motor assisted bicycles that can be pedaled traditionally or operated by a powerful electric motor fueled by an environmentally friendly lithium battery reaching speeds up to 20mph with a range of 50+ miles.

Advanced Features

Bat-Bikes feature the coolest designs, advanced technology, superior performance and world-class quality at competitive price points.

Amazing Benefits

Bat-Bike delivers great benefits in a variety of bicycle applications including leisure, sports, transportation and professional:

  • Staying fit, improving overall health & losing weight
  • Extending reach
  • Improving commute time
  • Improving the environment through green technology
  • Enhance social activities
  • Improve professional performance
  • Have fun time

Bat-Bike electric bicycles represent significant benefits to anybody using a bike for leisure, commuting or professional purposes.

Bat-Bike offers an advanced, proven, well designed, world-class quality and great value series of electric motorized bicycles, backed up by an experienced and renowned customer and technical service organization. Join the growing club of a new biking philosophy.

Company Information

Bat-Bike electric bicycle products are highly innovative and all key components are manufactured to certified ISO 9000 quality standards. Our factory in Asia has decades of experience in manufacturing and assembling electric bicycle and vehicles and is equipped with the most modern production equipment and a highly qualified and motivated staff. A dedicated engineering design department is working on developing new models using state-of-the-art technology. The patented design of our bicycles is innovative, unique and standard setting in terms of the ideal balance of functionality, performance, quality and ultimate value. Our products combine the best of all worlds, incorporating European engineering & design, Asian manufacturing capabilities and cost advantages and American marketing/distribution skills and customer service dedication. Our products are backed up 100% by a one year full factory warranty on parts and dedicated support service.

Bat-Bike is a US company and a subsidiary of Bat-Caddy, North American market leader for electric golf push carts, founded in 2004, incorporated and based in Florida and New York with Logistics and Service center facilities located in Bethlehem, PA, Jacksonville, FL, Denver, CO and San Francisco, CA.

We believe in the power of strong business relationships with our customers, dealers & distributors, suppliers, business partners, industry associations, and communities. We build and maintain these relationships with the highest integrity, business ethics, engagement and presence in the market. We always strive to create value for our customers, partners and affiliates!